Sixth roundtable in the series on Identity and Financial Services

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The sixth roundtable in the Visa Europe CSFI Fellowship series on "Identity and Financial Services" will be held at the Innholder's Hall, 30 College Street, London EC4R 2RH, from 12.30pm-2.15pm on 27th September 2011. 


We're going to move the fellowship on by shifting from analysing the problems and issues to discussing potential solutions. I don't mean technical solutions -- we have lots to choose from and we know that they work --but more wide-ranging business and social solutions that will provide a practical means to improve the situation for stakeholders. Now, one set of potential solutions are centred on the mobile phone and more than once in the preceding workshops the idea of banks working with mobile operators has been put forward. Should banks and/or mobile operators provide the identity infrastructure? It's a great topic for a roundtable because it's a live topic: business plans are being formulated as we speak so we're lucky to get three of the best to join you for informed discussion on the topic. They are:

Tony Fish is an entrepreneur with extensive experience at the intersection of finance and telecommunications and the man behind "My Digital Footprint".

Tom Gregory is the Head of Digital Payments at Barclaycard and lives day-to-day at the intersection of electronic money and electronic identity.

Dean Bubley is a respected analyst who understand the mobile operators world and writes one of the best telecommunications blogs in the business, Disruptive Wireless.

Attendance is free, but space is limited. So if you or a colleague would like to join us, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing sophie (at) or by phoning the CSFI on +44 (20) 7493 0173 as soon as possible.

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