#Mobile2 - write up of: What Will Change in A MultiScreen World? Native App vs Web? @marcedavis @olof_s @adamboyden @michaelmace @tonyfish


The opening Panel:   What Will Change in A MultiScreen World?  Native App vs Web?

Marc Davis, Partner Architect, Microsoft;  @marcedavis

            [inventing the future of conneecting people, the web and the world. Working on vision and technolgy]

Olof Schybergson, CEO, Fjord; @olof_s

            [working @Fjord - cross platform design]

Adam Boyden, President, Conduit; @adamboyden  

            [founded openlane, an exec at xfire, president conduit, speaker, writer and strategic thinker]

Michael Mace, CEO, Cera Technology.   @michaelmace

            [tech industry ceo and strategist, worked for Apple, Palm and now Cera - blog at mobile opportunity]

and Me @tonyfish entrepreneur, author and dad

Framing the session....

Mobile devices are personal and this makes mobile unique in the world of digital screens. TV's, desktop's, tablets and notebooks are mostly shared and therefore user data that comes from them, and that is stored on them, can be from one of a number of people. A mobile, with the accepted occasional exception is from one person. However the battle grounds are being set out between the eco-systems of broadcasters, web silo's and mobile as all of them want access to, and control, over your income (discretional and normal purchases). Strategically this is an important time for the three industries that have, as of today, been quite separate, standalone and created value for their own eco-systems. In some respects there has been some leakage and/or substitution of value and control across them already but nothing like the war that is about to ensue.

Mobile 2 has always prided itself in looking beyond the current issues to debate what is coming and who control's who in a multi-screen world is a critical topic for any strategist in the next 5 years. Mobile companies are depending on their personal relationship and customer insight to keep them at the front line. Broadcasters depend on exclusive access to the best sport and movies to keep their brand and position. Web companies have a generic dependence on the paid for telco bit pipe and barter of your data for free services.

All three realise that their model will change and come under increasing pressure and as we head for the new "digital" normal there will not be three industries but one and each of them want their brand as the brand that demands your attention and income. In this multi-screen world there are regulation, technology, economic and social issues to debate and at mobile 2 we will focus on the economics and the subsequent business models, and the technology solutions.

This session will not offer one solution or propose one outcome as there is a wide range of competing ideals that have underlying assumptions and we intend to get to drive out key assumptions and drivers. To do this we have gathered some global experts who have thought though the issues and implications and are knowledgeable and vocal.

Pithy bullet points from the session

  • the consumer if god
  • don't forget content has value
  • you need physical and digital
  • platforms need publishers who need consumers
  • who has the rights
  • give up control to gain more
  • separate UI/ UX is needed
  • devices will remain multifunctional
  • need to be able to preserve context
  • what where and in what form
  • banks are important
  • your data (digital footprint) is an asset
  • human model introduced by touch
  • who has your data and what rights
  • who is giving identity
  • still a need for an abstraction layer
  • trust is needed
  • the business models will change
  • native vs web; both and best as and when needed

Why talk to with/ follow up with the panel.....

Marc Davis                  [partnership with Microsoft on digital identity]


Olof Schybergson       [cross platform design, UI, UX, strategy]

Adam Boyden             [publisher and distribution]


Michael Mace               [blog: http://mobileopportunity.blogspot.com/, information management and strategy]

Tony Fish                    [Big Data, Digital Identity, Rights, Influence, Reputation, Digital You, Digital Footprints]