The Stop and Go of Data Flow and #privacy - new research


What do you consider personal information was the based question for research conducted by Ball State University's Center for Media Design published Feb 2011 and the reports finds that the notion of privacy is actually "situational," and depends on the context of the consumer, the nature of their information being tracked, and the organizations that are tracking it.

The report is worth reading  "Notions of Privacy: Ignorance, Illusion or Miscommunication,"

They have also supplied an excellent interactive infographic (main illustration)

The work is very good and whilst it does lack the sense of global diversity around the world (different geographies what is personal very different), it does highlight that people have strange views about data.  Some data that people highlight as private is indeed public already and therefore the work represents the confusion between “what we would like/ believe we have as privacy and what we have in reality”

Part 2 of their work is about what shapes attitudes which they conclude is convenience, culture, credibility, relationship and trust. I would have to add to the previous experience as privacy is like capital and it can be build and eroded and privacy is bonded with risk and trust as I explored in chapter six