Voice and motion Control - who owns the command and can they sell your blueprint?


Voice/ motion control is heating up again, Samsung’s Smart interaction, Nuance (Vlingo- assuming acquisition completes), Novauris, Microsoft, Apple and Google all have initiatives designed to bring all of the goodies enabled from the connection of the TV to the internet and a second screen; under the control of a combination of voice made announcement and movement.

However original ideas such as this patent, issued to Panasonic (Matsushita) in 2006, describes a voice controlled “Home Agent Server” for taking command of household appliances. It references prior filings from Nokia, LG and ultimately AT&T, dating back to 2003. 

The area is complex and thick of innovation, however with voice and motion control - who owns the command and how will it affect your privacy?  Where does the data get stored, does it (the system) learn uniqueness of expression and how will it become personalised.  Will learnt profile data, like facial recognition, become yours, that you can use or will it be owned and sold by some-else so that you can be recognised in store by your gestures?